Ichirou Oowada is the lovechild of Mondo Oowada and Kiyotaka Ishimaru. He has shoulder length dark brown hair with a yellow streak and light purple eyes.

In his pony form, his cutie mark is shown as a pair of wide wings.


Ichirou is a lone wolf. Much like his former biker-gang leader father, he's very rebellious. Not one to listen to the rules at all, he listens to his own compass. Although his compass might have been slighty created by Ishimaru. Although he's a unruly one, homework and school are a priority.

It is confirmed that Ichirou is autistic. He has a difficult time doing things in a different order, and is severely OCD. He's prone to fits of rage, from a little bit of crying to trying to bash his head in the wall and having a full-blown panic attack.


Ichirou is currently in a relationship with Kurou Hagakure- Much to his parents (especially Ishimaru's) dissaproval.

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