Hana Naegi

Hana Naegi is the daughter of Makoto Naegi and Sayaka Maizono. She is described as having light brown hair and light blue eyes.

In her pony form, her cutie mark is shown as two crossed drumsticks.


Hana is a gung-ho, happy-go-lucky type of girl. She's inherited her mother's cheerful personality, but still has the hopeful qualities of her father. She's is a bit of a popular one, her talent in music (and especially the drums) really makes her stand out.

Taking after her pop-star mother, she's very caring. She doesn't like to see others in pain or distress, and will even faint at the sight of blood.

Like her father, she doesn't stand out that much. There is nothing visually amazing about her, and she really is just a normal teen. She just wants to have fun in her quickly fleeting childhood before it ends.


Hana is currently in a polyamorous relationship with Ryuu Souda-Tanaka and Hiro Togami.

DanganRonpa: Reloaded

In the DanganRonpa killing game AU, she serves as the protagonist along with Kurou Hagakure and Hiro Togami.

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