JeannieHobbes is the creator of the AkikoChouVerse. To use her own words; "It's probably my favourite thing right now."

This project began in mid-2016 by Jeannie who only wanted to experiment with characters and Danganronpa, and soon, the AkikoChouVerse was born.

She also has many other Danganronpa lovechildren AUs that are not canon, and soon these characters will be added.

Please visit her at her deviantart and tumblr if you have any questions concerning anything AkikoChouVerse or just for fun.

Hajita is the founder of this wiki that you see and co-creator of the AkikoChouVerse. Hajita joined the project in January 2017, but do not ask and do not take any credit for anything in the AkikoChouVerse. They mostly deal with lore and fanfiction and act as a secretary. They have created this for JeannieHobbes, as they are a major fan of this universe.

Please visit Hajita at their deviantart (most active) and tumblr if you have any questions concerning the wiki or logistics.

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